Ensure®. Stay Strong.

Strength gives us freedom to do what we want. If you are over 50, keeping well with good nutrition is important. With 28 vitamins & minerals, including Calcium and Vitamin D; high-quality protein and prebiotics, ENSURE® gives you complete, balanced nutrition for adults to support your active lifestyle.

Ensure®- All-in-one nutrition to build your strength.

All-in-one nutrition to build your strength

* Food nutrient data from USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (Release 24), and Health Promotion Board’s Dietary Guidelines for Children & Adolescents: For The Healthcare Professional (May 2010).
^ Folic acid value converted to food folate equivalence (1 µg food folate = 0.6 µg folic acid from supplements/fortified foods).
# Quantity of food shown is not to weight/scale

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